A Multi-faceted Social Network for Diaspora and Expatriates Around the World.

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More Than Just a Social Network.

As a multi-faceted social network, Rfiki has partnered with many international companies and organizations to offer valuable services to our paying members.

[Benefits Lifetime Max U.S $ 50,000]

Flights Discounts

With over 160 international airlines partners, our members enjoys deep discounts off published international fares. Rfiki book your flight

Business Funding

Get bank loan guarantee for your business, connect with our partner investors and in some cases, get Rfiki direct investment in your idea or business.

Immigration Emergency

FRAGOMEN WORDWIDE is our partner that offer immigration emergency services to our members in more than 200 countries


As a paying member of Rfiki, you will never have to worry about not being able to afford that last minute flight ticket to fly home for funeral of a loved one or about your family asking for money for your funeral/repatriation.

Rfiki have partnered with KENYON INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES to handle our members funeral and repatriation needs in over 200 countries.




Upon the death of a member, Rfiki will pay for Repatriation of a member’s body to Home country, plus round trip tickets for up to five immediate family members (spouse and children) to accompany the body.

In an event where a member lose an immediate family member (child or spouse), Rfiki will pay the full cost of Funeral in the host country or repatriation to Home country.

In an event where a member of your extended family in your home country pass away (parent or sibling), Rfiki will pay airfare for a member to fly round trip from the host country for the funeral.

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